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Sample application including wood boiler, heat storage, and solar panels

The standard VESTA controller supports 16 analog sensors of more than 10 different types covering a variety of parameters including temperature, pressure, humidity, and electrical current. It also provides 32 discrete inputs that can detect switch closures such as magnetic door and window intrusion switches, water detectors, and snap-action overheat sensors. All inputs can be scanned at user selectable intervals up to several times per second. VESTA provides a built-in web site that allows access from any web-enabled device. Both public and private (password-protected) web pages are provided. An included tool set allows the creation of sophisticated display panels with dial gauges, bar graphs, and other visual indicators as shown in this example.


In addition to monitoring, the VESTA system also maintains timestamped datalogs. By default it captures every input and every output once per minute and stores the data internally for 12 months. Logged data can be downloaded into a spreadsheet via the web interface. Optionally, data can also be logged to a remote database server.


The VESTA system can also control external devices. It comes with 32 'discrete' outputs that can control relays, LED indicators, or other devices (see specifications for details). It also has four 'variable speed' outlets that can be used in conjunction with optional variable speed control units to provide variable speed control of common fans, blowers, circulators, and pumps. A simple web-based rule editor allows the user to easily create rules that turn external devices on or off as needed or control speed as desired. Alarm conditions can be established and rules can define how the system responds. The system can send emails with status and/or warnings as desired.


Interactive chart showing selected values

One of the most powerful benefits of the Vesta controller is the analysis tools that it provides. A built-in web based chart tool allows you to review exactly what happened for any time period in the past year. The chart tool is interactive and lightning fast. You can page forwards and backwards in time or zoom in to look at a particular period of interest. Every input and every output is available. A simple click will add or remove a trace from the chart.

The chart tool uses an innovative technique for displaying discrete inputs and outputs. Theye are shown as continuous lines in a separate section at the bottom of the chart. The line is thick when the discrete was 'on' or 'active', and thin otherwise. This makes it easy to see the relationship between events.

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