Vermont Energy Control Systems

Determine Network Parameters

Collecting Network Information

You'll need a computer that's connected to the same network where the Vesta controller will be installed. If you're running Windows, bring up a command prompt window. You can do this by clicking Start, then selecting Run.... In the popup, type 'cmd' and press Enter.

In the command prompt window, type ipconfig /all. This will display information about your network. Make a note of the following:

  1. IP Address ( in the example at the right)
  2. Default Gateway ( in the example at the right)
  3. DNS Server(s) ( in the example at the right)

NOTE: The IP address that you see on your PC is for the PC itself. DO NOT use this address for the Vesta controller!

In other operating systems, ipconfig or ifconfig may provide this information.

The 'Default Gateway' and 'DNS Server' information will be used to configure the Vesta controller. The IP address will be used to choose an address for the Vesta controller that will work on your network.


The Vesta controller is designed to live on a class C network, which means that the first three numbers of its IP address will match the first three numbers of every other computer on the network. In the example at the right, the IP address of the Windows computer is That means that the address of every computer on the network (including the Vesta controller), will be in the form 192.168.1.x, where 'x' is a number bewtween 1 and 254.

The first three numbers may differ from one network to another. 192.168.1 is very common, but 192.168.0 and 10.0.0 are often used as well. Other values are less common. In almost all cases, values for the last number (x) are used as follows:

As a web server, the Vesta controller is generally given a number between 2 and 49. 8 is the default.